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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

The List

Here is the list of those who signed the letter in response to the ex-Supreme Court clerks who broke their confidentiality agreement to speak to Vanity Fair magazine. The names are in alphabetical order, and taken directly from the original statement published in Legal Times. If you have information regarding the names below that are lacking any background, please email us.

NAME/JUSTICE (or other credentials)

Scott Ballenger/Scalia
Jan Baran/former RNC General Counsel
William P. Barr/Bush I Attorney General
John E. Barry/Burger; Kennedy
Bradford A. Berenson/Kennedy
Rebecca Beynon/O'Connor; White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives
Stephanos Bibas/Kennedy via Higginbotham (CA5)
Jeffrey Bleich/Rehnquist
Chris Bowers/
Lindley Brenza/Rehnquist via Easterbook (CA7)
Richard Bress/Scalia via Stephen Williams (CADC)
William Burck/Kennedy via Kozinski (CA9); (fun fact: Burck was one of Martha Stewart's prosecutors)
Michael Carvin/Reagan Office of Legal Counsel; argued Bush v. Gore in Fla. Sup. Ct.
Dan Collins/Scalia
Charles J. Cooper/Rehnquist
Douglas R. Cox/Reagan and Bush I Office of Legal Counsel
R. Ted Cruz/Rehnquist via Luttig (CA4)
Lee DeJulius/Rehnquist via O'Scannlain (CA9)
Shay Dvoretzky/Scalia via Luttig
Steven A. Engel/Kennedy via Kozinski
Susan Engel/Scalia via Kozinski
Miguel A. Estrada/Kennedy
Mark Evans/Nixon Office of the Solictor General
Robert Fabrikant/Burger
Shawn Fagan/O'Connor via Kozinski
Allen Ferrell/Kennedy
Brian T. Fitzpatrick/Scalia via O'Scannlain
Sean W. Gallagher/O'Connor via Kozinski
Nicole Stelle Garnett/Thomas
Richard Garnett/Rehnquist
Neil M. Gorsuch/White
C. Boyden Gray/Warren; Bush I White House Counsel
Leslie A. Hakala/O'Connor via Kozinski
Jeanne M. Hauch/Kennedy via Winter (CA2)
Allyson Newton Ho/O'Connor
Robert N. Hochman/Breyer via Posner (CA7)
Peter W. Huber/O'Connor via Ruth Bader Ginsburg (CADC)
Kevin B. Huff/Scalia
Peter D. Isakoff/Stevens
Erik S. Jaffe/Thomas
Jay Jorgensen/Rehnquist via Alito (CA3)
Eric J. Kadel, Jr./Thomas
Peter J. Kalis/White
Michael Kellogg/Rehnquist
Stephen B. Kinnaird/Kennedy
Kelly Klaus/Kennedy
Robert B. Knauss/Rehnquist
Chris Landau/Thomas (twice); Scalia
Michael Leiter/Breyer
Matthew H. Lembke/Kennedy
Nelson Lund/O'Connor
Maureen Mahoney/Rehnquist
Gregory E. Maggs/Thomas; Kennedy
Sigal Mandelker/Thomas via Edith Jones (CA5)
Gregory May/Powell
Andrew G. McBride/O'Connor via Bork (CADC)
Diane McGimsey/Thomas via Wilkinson (CA4)
Brett H. McGurk/Rehnquist
Stephen A. Miller/Scalia
R. Gregory Morgan/Powell
Charles R.A. Morse/
Adam K. Mortara/Thomas
Kristin Linsley Myles/Scalia
William J. Nardini/O'Connor
Patrick L. O'Daniel/Thomas
Michael E. O'Neill/Thomas
Theodore B. Olson/Bush II Solictor General; argued Bush v. Gore
Mark A. Perry/O'Connor via Kozinski
Carter G. Phillips/Burger
Craig Primis/Thomas via Luttig
Bert W. Rein/Harlan; worked in Nixon & Reagan White Houses
Neil Richards/Rehnquist
Ellen Richey/Powell
Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz/Kennedy
J.C. Rozendaal/Kennedy
Peter B. Rutledge/Thomas via Wilkinson
Margaret A. Ryan/Thomas via Luttig
Gene Schaerr/Burger; Scalia; Starr (CADC)
Benna Ruth Solomon/
Kenneth W. Starr/Burger; Independent Counsel who impeached President Clinton
Max Stier/Souter; worked for Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA2)
Matthew F. Stowe/O'Connor via Luttig
Aaron M. Streett/Rehnquist
Silvija A. Strikis/O'Connor
Glen E. Summers/Scalia
Peter R. Taft/Warren
Margaret Tahyar/Marshall via Bork
Richard Taranto/O'Connor via Bork
Richard Thornburgh/Reagan and Bush I Attorney General
John Thorne/Cummings (CA7)
Igor Timofeyev/Kennedy via Kozinski
Emin Toro/Thomas
Helgi C. Walker/Thomas via Wilkinson
Henry Weissmann/Scalia
Richard I. Werder/White
Christopher S. Yoo/Kennedy

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