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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Republicans may use filibustered judges as political hammer

This article seems to suggest that Republican Senators will urge President Bush to re-nominate his filibustered judicial nominees. It seems unlikely that a democratic minority led by Sen. Reid will be any more receptive to Pickering et al than they were under Daschle, considering that Sen. Reid was quite outspoken on this subject in his capacity as minority whip. But Senator Allen's comments make it clear that the Republican Senators see an opportunity to score political points on this issue, regardless of whether the judges in question are actually confirmed by the Senate. And let's be quite clear: the average Republican Senator is far more interested in gaining additional Republican Senators than whether Priscilla Owen actually sits on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Pickering, for his part, indicated last night that he would be welcome confirmation by the Senate, but that he "not holding his breath" in light of his prior experiences in seeking confirmation.


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