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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Thomas to the top, Olson to the Court?

Robert Novak reports that Justice Thomas is the favorite to be elevated to Chief. He also adds a new name to the short list of prospective Justices. Former Solicitor General Ted Olson, 63, is being considered for Thomas' vacancy. There is also a movement to make Olson the new Chief Justice.

What are Olson's chances? There are younger (Judge Michael Luttig and Judge John Roberts are 50 and 49, respectively) and equally conservative choices. If Novak is right, 63 year old Olson is the oldest person being considered by President Bush (Judge Harvie Wilkinson is 60). The choice wouldn't score any demographic points (as would Judge Emilio Garza, soon to be Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, or Justice Janice Brown). Safe money should remain on someone else.


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